Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011 - Letter from Elder Bird

Matt's was transfered to a new area today - Acapulco, Mexico.

Hey Family,

How is everything going at home since yesterday I am sure that  not much has changed since we talked  yesterday.Christmas went pretty well still didnt seem like Christmas to me but oh well it was good. The member in Iguala are really cool and made Christmas fun. Dad I cant really tell you much about my area yet I really only know that my companion is Elder Rodriguez and I am Vista Alegre but besides that I can't tell you much this week next week I will tell you more. I also got the pictures dad  so that was fun to see. One thing I do know that my new area has a lot more hills than before so that i will be a little tough getting used to again but not too bad I dont think. Well today we are not going to do too much just get unpacked and buy some food and that I think will be about it. Hope that everyone had a good Christmas and I will write again next week. 

Love Elder Bird 

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