Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Bird's Letter 1/20/12

Hey Family,
     How is everything going? Anything new or exciting at home. Well I guess mom and dad are doing things new and exciting on there cruise, hope you are having fun. Well this last week went by really really fast it seemed like we didnt have any time at all this last week. The last week went pretty well, we were able to have our investigator Marlen get baptised so that was cool. She is way cool she accepted everything, the word of wisdom when we taught it she had already stopped everything that she needed too before and she just was really prepared to be baptised so that was cool, the only down side was that yesterday when she was supposed to get confirmed her daughter got sick and so she was taking care of her and got to church late during the classes so she wasnt able to get confirmed so that was too bad but it was still way cool because she made the effort to go even though it was late and her daughter was sick. So that was cool the other exciting thing from this last week was we did divisions with some members and so it was a good opportuinty to see how I felt with my spanish and everything and it went well I think and gave me some more confidence in my Spanish ability. Well that is pretty much it for this last week. Hope everything goes well at home and everyone is doing all right and Mom and Dad have fun on your cruise. 

Love Elder Bird

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