Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey Family,

How is everything going at home? Sounds like the weather is changing and starting to be actually winter there now. Thats good, things here are good this last week went pretty well, we were able to find a couple people hopefully this next couple weeks they can progress and everything. We have a couple people this week that we are hoping can get baptised. If everything goes well we should be able to baptize one of the sons of the big family that we baptised last week who went with his grandma for a while so he wasnt there to be taught when we taught the rest of his family but he is cool his name is Angel and hopefully he can keep progressing like he is and get baptised this week that would be cool then we also have two sister Marlen and Diana who are both progressing as well and should be able to get baptised this week or the next so hopefully everything goes well this week and we can get them all baptised. Things are going well with Elder Rodriguez and I and to answer some of dads questions or more inquires he is from the state of Mexico just out side of Mexico City so pretty close to his house he has been a member for pretty much all his life and he has just a little more time in the mission than I do so that is cool. I think we are working well together, hopefully we can continue and find more people to teach this week. Acapulco is a bigger city so there are a few more things from home but I am kind of in the opposite side of the city from all the tourist stuff, and there isnt nearly as much tourism here as before if has just kind of stopped but it is still a big city compared to Iguala. It is still hot here but not as much as Iguala and it is mostly hot walking up and down all the hills we have in our area that is the hard part and here you sweat a lot more than in Iguala because of the humidity, but it is way nice to get a breeze some times that you can feel so that is nice. Today we went to another beach a little out of the city which was cool it is a peninsula and in the lagoon on the one side they have people wakeboarding so that was kind of fun to see again. Today I will send some pictures first is me on our roof at our house in front of the city then second the baptism of the big family and then a couple of the beach and last one of me drinking the water from a coconut. 
 Hope that everyone has a good week.

Love Elder Bird

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