Monday, January 23, 2012

January 9th letter

hey Family,

How is everything going at home? Hope that all is well and getting back to regular activities after Christmas. Things here are going well I have a little less time this week since my companion has to go to a meeting as District Leader with the Zone Leaders before the District meeting so We have to go earlier than usual. But this last week was kind of slow compared to my first week here in Acapulco. We lost some time this last week since Elder Rodriguez had to go to the Dentist to get something done and so that took time to go get that done then after he didnt too good so that slowed us down a little so hopefully we can get back to how we worked my first week. But one exciting this is that our big family we are teaching was able to go to Church yesterday and now they should be getting baptised this Saturday so that will be fun so we should be able to have a week where all 6 get baptised if all goes well. This week we are also working on finding more investigators as well since this last week we dropped quite a few since they werent wanting to fulfill their commitments so that is leaving us more time this week to find new investigators. I will answer some of the questions that dad asked now. Things here are going well it is still hot like in Iguala but walking up and down the hills is a lot harder than in Iguala where it was all flat and then the ward is not too big but not really small either I would say about the same size of my first ward but smaller than in Iguala. There are actually two stakes here in Acapulco. So that church is doing pretty well here. Today was also kind of fun we went to the Beach and played volleyball there so that was cool, to see the ocean and the lagoon here and then also to see all the big hotels down the beach aways so that was cool. Hopefully we can get to see some more of the city as the weeks pass. I wanted to send pictures today but we dont have time so I will try and send some next week. Oh yeah dad I can see your pictures that you send me from your phone and I have been able to see the video of addie dancing but that is it I dont think you sent me any others have you? Well I think that is about it for this week Have fun in St. George if you go down there and then Happy Birthday Jonathan this week. Hope everyone has a good week this week.

Love Elder Bird

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