Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey Family,

How is everything going at home? Seems like everything is pretty much the same as before. Things here are going well. On Thursday President Kusch got here and President Spannaus went home, and tomorrow we are going to have a conference with President Kusch to get to know him but what we have heard so far is that he is really excited and should be really good. Other than that we have just been working like normal again, we had a pretty good week last week the problem yet again was getting our investigators to come to church we have found a couple families in the past couple weeks but we are just working on getting them to come to church now. The thing here that we have to work with is that we have quite a few investigators that have quite a few times in church but just havent committed to be baptised yet so that is what we are focusing on now. We have a couple that we are working with Javier and Isabel and we are going to go with them to tonight so hopefully everything goes well and they can accept to be baptised and recieve there answer that this is the true church. We are doing a lot better now we know the area and most the members cause there arent that many members here so that is what we are working with hopefully this week we can keep up with finding new investigators and having succes. This last week we did spend quite a bit of time working with less acitve members and we were able to have a couple of the families that we are visiting come to church so that was really cool, it seems that in my mission I havent worked all that much with less active members and that is something that i want to change for my last months here and so yesterday was something exciting to see those families come back and so hopefully we can keep working with them so that they get active in the church again. Other than that we are working with some people that are interested so hopefully that goes well with them in this week and we can have a successful week and everything. Well i hope that everything goes week at home this week and everyone has a happy 4th of July.

Love Elder Bird

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