Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey Family,

How is everything going at home? How was the 4th of July anything exciting happen or just the same like the other years. Well things here are going well as usual. This last week we had our first conference with President Kusch it went well, he seems really cool, he learned Spanish almost 40 years ago in his mission to Guatemala and El Salvador, so he is working on remembering all his Spanish. Then his wife doesn't speak really any Spanish at all, she can introduce her self and then bear here testimony so that will be work for her to learn but oh well she will get there just like all the rest of us here in the mission. The conference was here in Cuatla so that was nice it was just the two zones here in the city so that was fun and it was here close in the church were we attend. In this conference I was also able to see Elder Rodriguez again so that was fun. But anyways this week went well we learned about being diligent this week with working hard even things weren't going the best for us. We started out the week with out finding anyone new to teach until Friday we found one person but on Saturday we were able to work really hard and we were able to find 9 new investigators this day so that was really good and quite a few of them seem really interested so that was awesome, hopefully they can progress well and feel that this is the true church. We also were able to work with quite a few of our investigators and quite a few accepted a baptismal date so that was cool we have three investigators this week that could get baptised so we will have to see, we are going to check with them tomorrow and they figure out if this week they will get baptised or the next so hopefully everything goes well. So things here are going well but the crazy thing is that we are already in the 5th week of this transfer oh well just got to keep working hard as i can. Well hope that everyone has a good week at home.

                                                        Cutting a tree down with a machete
                                         A volcano in the state north of Elder Bird's mission

Love Elder Bird

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