Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey Family,

How is everything going at home? Sounds like a interesting week for everyone especially Katie and Reed with the Jeep blowing up. This week here was pretty good, like you said Dad really hot you can tell it is getting to be summer but even so there isnt too much of a difference from when i got here but it is still hot.  This last week we had the baptism of Genar, it was way cool we had it wendesday in the night so there were a lot of members there because there are always activites that day in the night so  yeah that was the hightlight of the week. then also this week we were also able to find some pretty cool new investigatros hopefully everything goes well with them. Then one of  our investigators Aurora who we have  been working with for a while to stop smoking is progessing really well right now hopefully she can stop smoking this week like put the goal to do so hopefully everything goes well with her and then she can get baptised in the next couple weeks, then also her son Roberto hopefully he can get baptised in this week  and everything goes well with him in this week, he is also really excited so hopefully there are no problems in this week. Well yet again this is the last week of the change so we will see what happens next week if I stay here for another transfer or if I will get changed to another area we sill just have  to see. It is super weird to think that I have six months here in Acapulco the time just keeps flying by it seems like just yesterday I was getting here to Acapulco but oh well I just have to use the time that I have left the best I can. Well hope that everyone has a good week at home and I will write again next week

Love Elder Bird

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