Monday, June 18, 2012

hey Family,

 how is everything going at home? Crazy to think that it is May already, and that this week is mothers day. Well this last week went really fast for us since most of this week we were in Cuernavaca for a leadership training with President Spannaus and his wife, so this last week was really cool. We left Wednesday in the afternoon and were in Cuernavaca until Friday in the night. The meetings that we had were really cool it was way fun to hear from President Spannaus for one of the last times before he goes home. We focused alot on our purpose as missionaries  why we are here and what we want to make of our missions, I really enjoyed it. One of the coolest parts I think was that we watched a video for the District the dvds for Preach my Gospel of a family that got baptised and there impressions of missionaries and then we watched it again but with a part added on to the ending where it showed that after that time they went and got sealed in the temple and we focused on that is our real purpose as missionaries is not only to get the people to be baptised but to make it so that they can make it to the temple and keep receiving the blessings of the gospel for there whole life so that was really cool, the whole conference was really good, it was also cool to see quite a few of my friends that where there so that was fun also. This next week we are going to work alot on what we learned to make our area even better so I am excited for that, hopefully this week goes really well for us and we can apply all of the things that we learned in this last week. So mostly last week we werent here in Acapulco so not too much went on here but oh well. Also this week since it is mothers day on Sunday I was thinking of hopefully using Skype this time if I can get it too work but I was thinking at like in between like 2-3 at home if that would work for everyone at home if not hopefully you can let me know today before we finish so like if Dad has meetings or anything we can plan something different. Well thats pretty much it for this week and I will see or talk to you this Sunday.

Love Elder Bird

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