Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey Family how is everything going at home this last week? Nothing too new or exciting? Jonathan sounds like your trip was awesome. Things here are going well, it is deffinatly a change from acapulco. There are no hills here in my area, the area we can cross walking in like 15 minutes it is super small, and to answer  you question it is deffinatly not hotter than acapulco. All this last week it was raining so that was awesome and it was good that there was an umbrella in our house that i could use so i didnt get wet. but the weather here is super nice it kind of feels like spring in utah here kind of, so it is nice. The city is not really big but there are a lot of members here there are 3 stakes here so that is awesome. we are in the stake zapata in the brach burgos. The branch is really small so we have a lot of work to do. Yesterday at church to start the services there was only like ten people there so that was a change from all the wards i have been in the mission where they have all been strong large wards so my companion and i am excited to be here. My companion is Elder Porter he is from Spanish Fork so pretty close to home, he is really cool he has a year in the mission, we have been friends for a while now becasue we both got to acapulco at the same time and now we are companions so that is cool. This last week was pretty much just getting to know all of the members and investigators so that was fun it was a pretty good week not so good number wise but we worked really hard this week and hopefully in this next week we can have more sucess and use more time to teach we didnt teach too much this last week with just getting to know everyone. We do have a couple that we are teaching so hopefully everything goes well with them in the next couple weeks and that they can get baptised soon. Thats about it for this week just a lot of getting to know the people and then also a lot of rain. Well hope that everyone has a good week at home and Happy Fathers day dad.

Love elder Bird

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