Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Family,

How is everything going at home? Anything new or exciting besides the new mall. Things here are good this last week was a little stressful but thats alright. As most of you heard this week we had a earthquake here. This one didnt seem as strong to me as the other one I felt but it was longer. No real damage happened close to where I am, further south there was problems more towards the next state here in Mexico, so that was interesting. The Earthquake actually happened during my frist District Meeting so that was interesting I dont think I will forget that. This last week went pretty well the problem was that not too many of our investigators went to church, we are still not sure exactly why and that is what we are working on right now to figure out, hopefully everything goes well this week and we can have our investigators go to watch Gerneral Conference. I am way excited for General Conference again it should be really good. It is weird to think that this will be my 3rd General Conference in the mission. We Also heard that we will have another Mission Conference with Elder Walter Gonzalez from the Presidency of the Seventy in a couple weeks so that should be cool. I am staying here in Acapulco atleast untill the end of April so hopefully things still keep going as they have been and we can keep finding the families that are ready to hear the gospel. We are still working with one of our families Hernestina and Juan to get them ready to be baptised in two weeks hopefully everything works out with them. Well thats about it for this week I will write a little more next week we are a tiny bit short on time this week since washing our clothes took longer than we thought. Well hope that everyone has a good week at home.

Love Elder Bird

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