Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Family,

Well I am still here in Acapulco so that is cool, I am excited hopefully everything goes well for this change here. It is werid to think that I am going to be here in Acapulco for 6 months after this change so yeah I am excited. Well Sounds like everything is going well at home. Things here are good. This last week went by really fast for us we used a lot of time doing service this week so that took alot of our time. Then the rest of the week was kind of slow a lot of our investigators we couldnt find this week so that was kind of disappointing, but oh well hopefully this week we can find them again. Also this week we were able to find a couple new investigators so that was cool one of them is a guy named Diego he seems really cool he has an interesting story that we are finding out at as the time goes on, and then also we are excited to hopefully be able to start teaching some of the family of Ernestina and  Juan who were just baptized, so that would be cool if we can teach them as well. Weird to think that it is pretty much May, oh speaking of which we are pretty sure that we can talk for mothers day through skype but I have no Idea how to use it so if you want to set up my an account and then explain to me how to use it next week we can make the plans for Mothers day in two weeks. Well that is pretty much if for this last week, hope that everything goes well at home this week.

Love Elder Bird

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