Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Family,

Sounds like everything is going well at home. Sounds like Easter was fun, Easter here is not too exciting, in Mexico since most of the people are Catholic they call this weekend Semana Santa or Holy Week in English so the schools are out for all of last week and all of the week as well so yeah, and since I am in Acapulco this is one of the biggest times for people to come visit so these last couple days have been a little different but not too bad. Things here are going well this week we are going to have the Baptism of Moises a 16 year old kid that is way cool he is way excited about everything, all the things we explain he understands way quickly so hopefully everything goes well this week and there arent any problems, his dad has given him permission so hopefully nothing changes. Then also our family that we have been working with Juan and Ernestina and their kids are doing pretty good we put them with a baptismal date for not this Saturday but the next so hopefully things go well for them, this week was kind of crazy with teaching them so in this week we are going to focus on getting them all ready so they dont have any problems. Those are the main investigatores that we are working with that are closet to getting baptised and then we have a couple others that can hopefully get baptised as well in this month. Time just keeps going fast as always, we only have a couple weeks left in April and then at the end of this month I might be changed so weird to think that I am getting close to 4 months here in Acapulco. We are going to have our Mission Conference next week with Elder Gonzalez from the Presidency of the Seventy so that is exciting. Well hope that everything goes well at home and everyone has a good week.

Love Elder Bird

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