Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Family,

How is everything going at home? Sounds like everything is going well and not much has changed. Well this last week went by really quickly we had our mission conference on Tuesday here in Acapulco so that was nice not having to go anywhere. It was a good conference I liked it a lot and then it was also fun to see all my friends and old companions. Especially since Elder Gosnell is going to finish his mission next week so that was cool to see him one more time before he goes home. Then also this last week we spent a lot to make sure that the Family of Juan Ernestina and Angel could all get baptised and everything worked out so that was good it was a way spiritual baptism so that was fun and then yesterday at church the talks in Sacrament meeting we mostly all focused on the family and temple so that was cool hopefully eveything goes well for them and in a year they can go to the temple. That was the most exciting things from this week and then kind of disappointing since we werent able to really find too many people this week so that is what we are going to be focuesd on this week is finding more investigators, hopefully all goes well this week to find them. Also weird to think that this could be my last week here in Acapulco since changes are next monday so next week I could be writing from a different place we will just have to see what happens. I am also going to try and send some pictures of the past couple weeks hopefully it works out. Well hope that everyone has a good week at home and I will let you know next week what happens with changes.

Love Elder Bird

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