Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Family,

How is everything going this week sounds like the weather is still like the crazy Utah weather that I am used to just like last year when it was hot on the first day of conference then snowed on Sunday when I was in the MTC. Crazy to think that I have had 3 of my 4 General Conferences in the mission. The General Conference was awesome I watched the first session in Spanish then the rest in English so that was fun to hear the vocies of all of them this time instead of the translator but either way I enjoyed everything that I heard. I like a lot of the talkes yet again I took a lot of notes to study during the next couple weeks till I get a copy of the Liahona with them. This last week went well were were able to get quite a few of our investigators to go to the conference so that was really cool we are hopefully going to be able to baptize a family this week they are all really cool the wife has had her answer for a couple weeks but we started teaching her husband later so we have been trying to get them all to baptised together so hopefully this weeks is the week if not the next and then we also have investigators that can be baptised hopefully the rest of the month hopefully they all keep progressing and everything goes well. This week was a good week except we werent able to find too many new investigators so hopefully we can find some more this week. Well thats about it for the last week hopefully everything goes well this week at home for everyone.

Love Elder Bird

PS President Spannaus was called to be an Area Seventy in the confernce saturday crazy, and he hasnt even finished his time a mission president. Dont know if you noticed

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