Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey Family how is everything going at home? Sounds like a fun week at home for everyone with all the family activates. Things here went pretty well, kind of hard getting to know a new area again and it is kind of the same how Burgos was when Elder Porter and I got there so kind was kind a disappointing having to start over again but oh well that’s how it goes. This week we got to know a lot of the members and there are a lot here it is way different from being in Burgos yesterday in church we filled up the Sacrament Meeting with probably close to two hundred members there so that was cool. Our area is pretty big so hopefully things goes well this week and we can work well and have a good week. I would love to tell you more about the area but I still don’t really know anything about it I just know it is bigger than Burgos and that there are a lot more members. I don’t know our street name but it is right off the highway of Cuernavaca Cuatla by and OXXO but I don’t think that is much help but I will investigate what our street name is and let you know next week.. Well I think that is all for this week I will write more next week. Have a great week




Love Elder Bird

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