Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey Family, sounds like things were kind of exciting for the family at home this week with Sarah getting hit and such. Hope that everything is alright now at home and such. Well this last week was kind of different week mostly because my companion got sick and so I tried working with some members so we could keep working but it was kind of hard to find two members to help us and then we had our zone conference this last week but since my companion was sick we had to stay home and so we weren’t able to go so this week was kind of long and not very exciting at the start but the good thing was that on Saturday we were able to have a baptism of an investigator of the Elders who were in the other ward that we are covering for now so that was cool, I didn’t really know her very well since whenever we went with her I was in divisions or at the leadership training I had so that was different from all my other baptisms but oh well. Then the rest of the week was kind of hard since we were able to work like we wanted to so we found a couple people to teach this week so hopefully they can progress as well and then we have a  others investigators who are progressing but the problem is we have to get them married first, it is kind of weird here but all of our investigators that we have we have to get married pretty much. So hopefully this week my companion get feeling better and we can work harder this week and find the people that are being prepared for the gospel.

Hope that everyone has a good week at home and in Disneyland and I will write more next week

Love Elder Bird

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