Tuesday, September 11, 2012

 Hey Family,

Sounds like everything is going well at home doesn’t sound like too much is changing. So after kind of tough first week here in the area this last week went much better for us. This was a week full of cool things that happened. First off in this week we were able to find quite a few people that are really prepared to hear the gospel, first was a couple that went to church both yesterday and the week before, so we went to teach them and at the end of the lesson I asked what they would be willing to do if the found out that the church was true and they answer saying they would get baptized without us even having talked really about baptism at all so that was awesome and then yesterday I asked the wife how she felt about everything how she felt in church and she said she felt it was true the she felt she knew it was true so that was really cool to hear the only problem is that they aren’t married so we have to work with them to get them married then they can get baptized. Then we also meet one of the investigators that the other elders were teaching in the other area we are covering and she is really excited and is going to get baptized this Saturday so hopefully everything goes well with her (Cristina) in this week. Another was a reference we also received his name is Alejandro and he is super excited as well he went to church yesterday so that was cool he also accepted a baptismal date for the 25th of this month. Hopefully he can keep progressing and can stop drinking because that is one of the main reasons that he wanted to listen to us.

Another fun thing this week was that I went to another leadership training in cuernavaca the first with President Kusch so that was cool it was a really cool conference one to see all of my friends in the mission and then two to learn. We learned more about the conversion of the people through the Holy Ghost so that was cool and how we help the people to really be converted to the gospel and to receive the testimony they need to progress and to gain the eternal life. So that was super cool and then finally this week I had to do a baptismal interview and that is one of my favorite parts of being District Leader is the interviews to hear the testimonies of the people that are going to get baptized. I did the interview for someone named Bernecie and she has a super strong testimony that she shared with me and it all ways just reminds me of the work that we are doing and how we can help the people to receive the happiness in their lives.

So over all this last week went well so hopefully things go well this week as well. Hope that everyone has a good week at home

Love Elder Bird

PS crazy to think that school is starting up here in this week crazy to think how time is flying

PSS Everyone is watching the Olympics here to answer your question dad


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