Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey Family,

How is everything going at home? How is everyone enjoying Labor Day at home? Things here are going pretty well, today was transfers but neither of got transferred so it is kind of easier day for us. Things last week were kind of slow for us we weren’t able to find too many new investigators but this week we are going to focus a lot more on finding that is what we are lacking in our area right now and especially finding through members so that is what we are going to focus on this week is using the members better asking for more referrals and all that kind of stuff. This week with the new transfer starting we are starting new as well we didn’t have too much success this last change but this next we are planning on doing a lot better and working more with the ward. Our ward is pretty big and there are a lot of members that I am sure have people that want to hear about the gospel so we just have to start using the members more and finding the people that the Lord is preparing for us to teach here. It is crazy to think that is already September and that school has already started and it just makes me want to keep working harder and harder to finish the best I can and to keep improving as a missionary and as a person. I am going to start taking more pictures and then I will send them to you guys. Also in what part of Mexico did John Marshall serve as mission president? I think that only thing that I can think of that I would maybe need would be some more Cetaphil so that hopefully I won’t run out before I get home and if I think of anything else I will let you, and anything else you want to send if well received here. Well I hope that everyone has a good week at home and I will write more next week.


Love Elder Bird

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