Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hey Family, how is everything going at home? Sounds like things are going well nothing too exciting. Things here are going pretty good. Last week we had a conference with President Kusch with two zones and now things are starting to change here in the mission, but a change for good. First is we are changing when we are going to do our planning for the week, right now we do it Sunday night but we are changing to plan on Thursday morning so that will be different more time to work Sundays and this will help with us complete more of our goals. Then also we are going to start working only with members and so it is a goal starting in October of not knocking doors anymore but work just with members and references so that will be different. I am excited for the changes to work more with the members and have more references. So now we are getting used to the changes and hopefully it will help us have more success here in the mission. That is pretty much the most interesting thing from last week and so hopefully everything goes well with that and we can work better with the members.


That is cool that Taylor talked in church yesterday, I was actually going to ask about him and see how he is doing. That is awesome that he had a successfull mission. Oh yeah have you heard anything about Brian Orr from his dad or nothing just wondering about that. It is also crazy to think that another month has passed since I started the mission now I am at 19 months crazy to think. I love the mission and when I go home I will miss it so much so now I am just trying to not think of how much time I have left and just use it the best I can. I want to continue getting better and working harder. So that is my focus now is just apply the new programs that we have work harder and focus more on the people to help them receive the blessing of the gosple.


Well that’s all for this week hope that everyone has a good we at home and I will write more next week.


Love Elder Bird


PS for my birthday whatever you want to send is well received, some cool pictures of church stuff would be cool, like a picture of the Mexico City Temple that I can use to show the people here about what is the temple and then like whatever else you want. Thanks

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