Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oct 22nd


Hey family, sounds like things are going pretty much the same at home getting ready for winter. It is kind of weird not having the change to winter like at home. But here in Cuautla is actually cooler in the winter so after being in all the other parts of the mission it feels cool. Things this last week went pretty well. My new companion has a year in the mission so it is nice to have a companion who has a little more time and knows what to do. He started his mission here in the same zone then left to another area and now he is back so now he sees a lot of the same people that he saw before. Something cool this week was that we were able to go and talk with a guy who isn’t member but goes to church pretty much every week but couldn’t get baptized because he had to get married but now he is getting closer so we can work with him more to make it so he can get baptized soon so that was exciting. Now this week we are just going to have to work harder on finding more new investigators to teach that is our main goal now is find people. Besides that not too is changing here just the time flying by.

Oh yeah I still haven’t gotten my package yet, I am sure that it is in the offices but I have to wait till someone goes to Cuernavaca to get it but oh well soon I should have it. My birthday went pretty well but nothing too exciting just pretty much another day in the mission, but that’s alright being in the mission makes it worth it. I hope that everyone has a good week at home and I will write more next week.


Love Elder Bird


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