Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dec 3rd


Hey Family how is everything going at home? Sounds like everyone is getting ready for Christmas and the holidays now, things here are going well, not much has changed in the weather to say that it is almost Christmas but oh well, I guess it is a littler cooler than usual so that is good. This last week went well, it was pretty exciting getting to see all the members again here in Iguala and it was fun to see all their reactions thinking that I just came to visit. So it was a good week for us. We found quite a few people that are super excited about the gospel so that was awesome. First is a couple that have been going to another ward with one of their family members then we got a couple references and the three we were able to talk to this week were all really cool and one came to church yesterday alone even when the member that invited her couldn’t come because he son got sick. So this last week we had some pretty cool experiences. Things here in the last year haven’t changed too much, pretty much all the little kids from a year ago are now all a lot bigger so that was different, I didn’t recognize a lot of them. But yeah not much has changed here the ward is still doing well and hopefully in these next week our investigators we have can get baptized, hopefully everything goes well. And to answer your questions about Christmas whatever you want to send is fine but just not quite so much candy, for my birthday I think I got the candy needed but one candy I will ask for is Swedish fish that would be fun, then besides that whatever you want. Oh yeah is Greg still waiting for his visa or has he got to Spain yet? Well I hope that everyone has a good week at home.


Love Elder Bird

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