Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oct 15th


Hey Family,


Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, it is nice to have my birthday on a P-Day but kind of lame because it was changes today and my companion was changed, so now I have a new companion here in Casasano, Elder Ayala. He is from a state called Gunajuato or something like that it is like in the middle of Mexico. So today has been kind of laid back day getting him to the area and then just getting settled. It is also crazy to think that tomorrow I will have 20 months in the mission, really weird to think about just more reason to work as hard as I can. Well this last week was kind of crazy I had another training meeting on Friday so that was kind of cool hearing more from President Kusch especially about the transfers and to remind us that the changes are made by the Lord and that it is exactly where we need to be. That was pretty much it for last week not too many things exciting but things are going pretty well. Oh yeah I got a letter from Leslie today so that was cool if you see here tell her thanks for the letter to hear how things are going. Then also tell grandma I got here letter and to tell her thank you as well. So I hope that everyone has a great week and I will write more next week.


Love Elder Bird


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