Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nov 5th



Hey Family, how is everything going at home? Things here are going well this last week went by really fast and I am sure this week will also. We had a pretty good week last week, we were able to receive quite a few referrals from the members these last two weeks so hopefully things go well with them and we can start teaching them about the gospel. We are also working with our investigators who aren’t married and hopefully this week or next week they will be getting married so they can get baptized soon after. Other than that nothing too exciting for this past week, the weather is starting to change and it is actually getting pretty cool here lately, and then to answer your question dad, they do have day light savings here in Mexico so it gets dark early as well then it gets cool as well so walking around in the dark it is pretty cold but oh well. Oh yeah something else exciting is that next week my district and I might being going to the temple on the 14th of November and so my P Day will be most likely Wends day next week. So we are pretty excited for that so if I don’t write on Monday don’t worry I will write on Wednesday but if you want to be sure you can still write me on Monday and I will respond later. Other things pretty exciting this week is that we are going to have a multi zone conference on Wednesday so we will be in Cuernavaca pretty much all day for a special conference to along with the changes we are having in the mission. That is also super cool to hear about Josh's mission call tell him congratulations for me and I will have little time at home before he leaves to tell him a little about Mexico even though it will be a different mission. Too bad to hear that Greg still doesn’t have his visa hopefully he can receive it soon and everything goes well for him. Well I hope that everyone has a good week at home and next week I will write more.


Love Elder Bird


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