Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dec 17th


Hey Family how is everything going at home? Things here are going well, still really hot and doesn’t look anything like it should be a week from Christmas but yeah that’s alright. This last week went pretty well for us, most importantly this last week we had a stake activity that went really well. It was probably one of the best activates that I have been to in my mission. It was a really cool Christmas program where there were probably almost 200 people who aren’t members and who were invited so that was really cool. So now these next couple weeks we should have a lot of work with teaching the people from the activity and such so that should help us out a lot, so that was really cool from this week. Then also we were able to have pretty much all of our investigators that went to the activity go to church yesterday so that was awesome as well. So we are pretty excited to be here working now so hopefully this week goes really well and our investigators can keep progressing. To answer your question dad they do tithing settlement pretty much the same as at home a meeting with the bishop but our bishop was telling us yesterday that no one has really gone to their appointments so that kind of problem for him but besides that it is the same. Oh yeah so I was thinking of using Skype again to call next week but I am not sure what time but I will let you know next week when I right. I hope that everyone has a good week at home and everything goes well there, with all the Christmas stuff and snow. Have a great week and I will write you next week more.


Love Elder bird

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