Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nov 14th


Hey Family how is everything going at home? Sounds like it is starting to be winter now there and here it is cooler but still not like home. Well like I assume you figured out we got to go to the temple today and we are still in Mexico City and we are heading back in about an hour. But the temple here is really cool but I will talk about it a little later. First off for last week, we had a pretty good week that went by really fast. last week we had a multimode conference in Cuernavaca with 4 zones from the mission so that was fun we talked more about the program of not knocking doors, and then how things are changing so much in the missionary work here in Mexico. Here in Mexico they are going to start off trying and working more with the members then move to other places but here in Mexico is where they are saying that it is being tried out. also all the information you told me dad they also told us there as well and then also something else really cool, well at least for me is that they are going to change the time of the transfers here in the mission and now I will get too more weeks in the mission, instead of going home in February like when I started I will now be getting home the first week of march, two weeks more in the mission, something for which I am super excited. then the next day we were able to go with one of our investigators to get married at a little town about two hours away called Taxco where they sell a lot of silver they have silver mines there so we went with them and they got married and then Usiel finally got baptized on Saturday after about 4 months that I have been working with him he finally got baptized so that was really cool. Then this week the most exciting is that today we are at the temple and it is really cool to go back to the temple after 17 months so that was fun. It was different doing everything is Spanish but that’s alright I understood everything and so that was super cool. Another cool thing was that in the temple I saw the bishop from my first ward in Zapata, and he talked a little with me the little he could and told me that he was released as bishop and now he and his wife are on a mission in the temple. it was even better because I didn’t think he would remember me but he talked to me and also something else cool was that in the multizone conference the elders that are in Zapata right now went and ate with Bernice my first baptism in the mission that day so that was fun to hear a little about here and that she is doing good she is going to church and that she had a baby so that was really fun to hear about her a little. So yeah this last week a lot of things happened so my letter is kind of all over the place next week I think I can explain a little better if you have questions. I also wanted to send pictures today but the computer didn’t let me so next week you can count on pictures. And dad I didn’t get the picture you sent this week maybe next week. Well I hope that everyone has a good week at home and I will write more next week


Elder Bird


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