Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nov 19th


Hey Family how is everything going at home? Things here are going well. This last week went by really fast with my P-day being on Wednesday this last week. So to answer your questions dad. We got to go so the temple as a new system that Pres. Kusch has put in that once a year a district can go to the temple on a Pday, so with the temple just being opened again, we took advantage of the new system and went to the temple as a district but the same day we went there were two other districts there as well so that was kind of cool. We took a bus up there then from the bus stop to the temple we went on the subway and then on a public bus so that was kind of fun going on the subway in Mexico. We got to see little more of the city but not much. Mexico city is a huge city it is crazy, and the thing is that it is not like huge city in other parts of the world but a huge city without really any tall buildings just a few and then the rest are just like houses and apartment buildings that are just a couple stories so it was really different from like New York or Chicago like the big cities in the US. So yeah that was our trip to the temple it was super cool, the temple there is awesome it is really big as well. so yeah that was exciting from this last week, then yesterday we had the confirmation of out baptism from last week so that was good as well. Things here in the mission are starting to change a lot and we were talking without bishop a couple days ago and we are starting to plan out the way we are going to work better with them members to put new goals and to be able to work with the new programs as well. He also explained a little more of how the new programs for the young men and women are going to be and how they are going to be applied to the whole ward, so things are going pretty well here. This is also the last week of the change so we will see what happens next week if I will be staying here more time or if I will be going to another area to finish. Also for thanksgiving here it is not a holiday here so it will be just a normal day for us, we are going to eat with some members who do things a little more like the US so we will see if anything exciting happens or not, but hope that everyone has a good thanks giving and if you see the cousins and such tell them hi from me. Here are some pictures since I haven’t sent them in a while. First is just a cool picture that I liked from when we went to the little town Taxco for the wedding and the old church on the hill. Then the second is the city of Taxco where everything is old style white and black writing it is a cool place from the little I saw. Then last are my companion and I in front of the big old church in this city. I will send some more in another email


Elder bird


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