Thursday, December 20, 2012

September 24th


Hey family how is everything going at home? Things here are a little slow with the new changes we are making it is different so it takes a little getting used to. This last week we worked a lot more with less active members, and we have plans for doing the same this week. This week we are also going to have to focus a lot more again on finding new investigators. Most of the investigators that we have had have pretty much all fallen and we are having to start pretty much over again, but oh well it happens. There are a lot of people that are ready to hear the gospel here in our area we just have to go find them and that is our task now. Hopefully with the new programs we can find more of the people prepared and that they can then stay closer to the church since they will already have a friend inside the church. So yeah that is pretty much all for around here but that is cool that the Brigham City Temple was dedicated. I am also super excited to have General Conference coming up soon. I love hearing for the prophet and the apostles. The good thing too is that our church is the stake center so our investigators can to go like normal and see the conference. I also heard that they are making pretty much all the church here in Mexico available for General Conference through internet so that will be interesting to see if that all works out. It is crazy to think that next week is already October time just keeps on flying just means that I have to work harder than, so I hope everyone has a good week at home and I will write more next week.


Love Elder Bird

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