Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oct 1st


Hey family how is everything going at home? This last week things went a little tough for us since on Thursday I got sick and well I am still sick, I got a stomach infection so yeah it was kind of lame but I am getting better so that is good. The worst part was that we started off the week working really well and finding more people to teach and it was looking like a really good week but oh well this week we will just have to work a little harder. Also this last week I also finally got my visa renewed after it expired in April so that was good, I am legally here in Mexico again, yaya. So, yeah that is pretty much all for this last week, not much work and a lot of rest. I am super excited for this week though since we have General Conference, the opportunity to listen to the prophet again and see what everyone has to say. It is also crazy to think that this will be my 4th general conference in the mission, time sure flies. Oh yeah and happy birthday dad on Wednesday hope you have a great day and everything goes well. Well sorry it is kind of small letter but I hope that everyone has a good week at home and I will write more next week.


Love Elder Bird


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