Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nov 26th



Hey Family, how is everything going at home? This last week went by really fast for us, and pretty crazy and now I am not is Cuautla. So first off I am now back in Iguala where I was before and I am actually in the same ward that I was in before, in other words I am back in Insurgentes. Pretty crazy last week and transfers. So yeah this last week went by really fast because Friday and Saturday I had another leadership training so I was in Cuernvaca those days, so there wasn’t much time to work at the end of the week then, we got transfers. It is weird to think that I was in Casasano for almost 5 months and how fast the time has gone. Now it is even crazier to think that I am back in the same ward where I was a year ago, and that I will have Christmas both years on my mission in this same place. My new companion is Elder Flores he is from California, I don’t know too much about him but next week I will let you know a little more. For thanksgiving this last week we didn’t get to do anything super special just a normal day for us, sounds like thinks went well at home for everyone and that everyone had a good time golfing that’s fun. Well I hope that everyone has a good week, and I will write more next week...


Elder Bird


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